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From Philly Voice: Quadriplegic author: 'I will be out of this chair one day'


The story he wanted to tell was several decades in the making, so it’s easy to see why David Rippy took two-and-a-half years to compose his memoir. 

That it centered on the impact that a one-car crash which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down had on his life – both for good and for bad – makes that accomplishment amazing, though.

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Unleash Your Passion, E5: EP 6: Resiliency in Life with David Rippy


Dave Rippy was on the fast track to fulfilling one of his life-long ambitions as he landing a job with a fortune 50 company. Following several weeks working at his new job and only 25 years old, Dave experienced a debilitating setback. A car accident that caused a life-altering paralysis. ​ 

In today’s show, we are all going to learn that no matter what we are faced with, no matter what obstacles that are in the way, we can persevere and move past our challenges in life and create our ideal life.

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David Rippy talks about his life as a quadriplegic, following a devastating car accident at age twenty-five. We  discuss the aftermath of having his destiny instantaneously spun in a new direction and his recovery -- physical, emotional and spiritual -- as he learned to look inward and discover deeper knowledge. His remarkable story is an inspirational testament to the human spirit and the power of the mind.

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In our second interview, DAVID RIPPY and I discuss his newest book, "Powering Through Paralysis," a continuation of his remarkable journey following an accident which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. We talk about the power of the mind in dealing with challenges and some of the other ways he has learned to thrive through nutrition, hypnosis and a connection to the spiritual realm. 

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