Deep Meditation Trance


DMT — Scientifically Tested — For Deep, Profound Sleep

This Guided Deep Meditation Trance (DMT) uses scientifically tested hypnotic techniques to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and lead to a deep and restful sleep. Listen and follow along with the guide to unlock the healing powers of your subconscious and quickly enter a calm and happy dreamlike state. A better, natural alternative to sleep medications, retrain your brain using DMT and strengthen neural pathways for more restorative sleep. 

Deep Meditation Trance Powerful Healing

This Guided Deep Meditation Trance (DMT) uses scientifically tested hypnotic techniques to reduce physical and mental stress and allow the brain and body to heal. Research studies show that using meditations like this one can help heal trauma, reduce inflammation, and calm anxiety and depression. Use this natural alternative to medication to take control of your life, building new habits and neural pathways and be your best self.

DMT Immortal Power Boost

This thoroughly tested recording was designed to bring a powerful surge of healing energies to leave the listener in a revitalized, immortally powerful state. Beneficial for anyone and especially potent for the dynamic go-getter who wants a quick, long-lasting boost of energy. This guided meditation offers a number of positive natural side effects including increased vitality, motivation, clarity, and focus.

DMT Golden Healing Light Meditation Trance

This Golding Light healing guided meditation brings a very deep sense of peace and a profound feeling of empowerment.  Enjoy yourself as the golden healing divine light helps take you into a tranquil place and brings about a very relaxed state free of all anxiety, stress, pain, and trauma. Let the soothing music and guided hypnotic meditation fill you with newfound purpose, drive, and ambition, enabling you to realize your full potential.

DMT Healing Energy Cleanse Meditation Trance

This guided meditation-trance was designed to cleanse and repair physical or mental pain through a combination of healing remedies. Working on the body, mind, and subconscious, this meditation trance minimizes stress, anxiety, pain PSTD, depression, apathy, and melancholy. Tested positive and beneficial under research conditions spanning multiple demographics to maximize DMT's wide-ranging benefits for anyone.

DMT—Ultra Powerful Stress & Anxiety Eliminator

This quick-acting, power-packed confidence builder eliminates anxiety and stress. Designed for the student, professional, or hard-working listener, this powerful hypnotic elixir delivers a mood boost and pleasurable calm. Whether faced with a difficult exam, challenging client meeting, or a hard day, this meditation will leave you feeling fresh, powerful, and ready for what's ahead.

DMT—Hypnosis to Feel in Control & Get Rid of Negative Energy

A deep hypnotic induction to take away negative energy, pain, stress, and tension leaving the listener in a positive, revitalized state. Follow along with the healing music and scientifically-based hypnotic induction to bring about incredible feelings of happiness, purpose, and control. Follow along with the guide as he weaves beautiful metaphors and sends out green, healing energy to rebuild neural pathways and increase mind relation.

DMT—Deep Sleep Hypnosis with Calming Vibrations for Max Rest

This hypnotic induction uses binaural beats featuring a calming guide to stop mind chatter and lull the listener into a deep, profound and restful state. Tested under rigorous conditions for maximum benefit, this guided hypnosis improves melatonin production putting the listener into a deep Theta sleep. Inductions such as this can lead to a healthier, more restful state and upon awakening. When used regularly, this can promote positive well-being and increased energy during the day.

DMT — Reduce Pain, Trauma & Addiction

This powerful recording helps alleviate pain, reduce addictions, and free one of past traumas. It helps take away pain from physical and mental issues and leave the listener in a revitalized confident state. Research shows that music, meditation and hypnotic suggestions such as these promote and boost self-confidence, minimize depression and PTSD, and accelerate the healing process.

Deep Hypnosis for Cramps & PMS Relief

This deep hypnotic recording uses 432-hertz root chakra healing music combined with a carefully crafted guided imagery meditation to relieve the discomfort and symptoms of cramps, PMS, stress, and anxiety. Afterward, you'll find yourself in a calm and energetic state free of pain.

Deep Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Realize the healing power of 532-hertz music combined with a powerful hypnotic induction to eliminate stress, anxiety, and internal conflict. Afterward, find yourself free of turmoil and enveloped in a wonderful, warm feeling of peace and inner self-control. Feel better able to tackle your most challenging situations. Hypnotic inductions like this aid in inner healing, self-empowerment, and happiness.

Deep hypnosis for migraine relief

This powerful recording uses soothing binaural tones combined with a carefully crafted hypnotic induction to drop the listener into a deep and tranquil state, removing severe migraine pain. Follow along with the experienced hypnotist to remedy and reduce the throbbing, nausea, and behind-the-eye-pain that often accompanies severe migraines.

Deep Hypnosis to Relieve Chronic Pain

This powerful healing hypnosis uses binaural beats to take away chronic pain from anywhere in your body. Great for back pain, inflammation, knees, joints, nerves, muscles, necks, shoulders, and IBS symptoms. Use earbuds or headphones for maximum impact and find yourself relaxed, rejuvenated, and free of pain. Please let us know in the comment section about how we helped you with this hypnosis and how we can help you in the future.

Deep Hypnosis to Heal Chronic Pain

This powerful hypnotic induction uses binaural beats and a deep meditative state to leave the listener relaxed and with greatly reduced pain. Accelerate the healing process of burns, wounds, pulled muscles, aggravated backs, shoulders, feet, hands or arms. Minimize your chronic pain and find yourself in a powerful state of being. Whether the trauma was due to sports, working out, running or other activities, you will greatly benefit from this induction!