find your inner power by helping others



Donate a little time and effort and discover how YOU can help change the lives of so MANY who are in need of your skills, experience, donations and love to hopefully create a better world. 

GOTYOURPACK.COM  could use your help! In the process, your efforts will contribute to enriching the lives of those who are living on our streets, wandering, forgotten, destitute and downtrodden.  

By simply  collecting the most basic of necessities, you can help change the lives of those who live in fear and have given up hope.  Learn how to organize and start a chapter in your area. Draw on the support of friends, family and co-workers to pitch in and help collect and distribute  critical items.

Homelessness has no boundaries, affecting children, teens, the middle-aged and our senior citizens, many who are barely surviving day by day and for a variety of reasons. Whether due to job loss, home repossessions, disability, war traumas or addictions our fellow humans barely subsist. They live on side streets, in squatter camps, woods, steam vents and under bridges. Many are afraid and have given up hope on themselves and on humankind.  

Find out how you can contribute and literally change destitute lives for the better and help so many who have been forgotten.  By donating some time, basic items and expertise, you can bring hope, strength and faith in humanity where it is most needed. Find out how simple it is to enhance  the lives of many with the smallest of efforts.